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About UCleveland's Global Education Outreach

UCleveland advocates quality education that is convenient and widely available by partnering with numerous colleges and universities worldwide. These partnerships help UCleveland promote the importance of education, while providing convenient solutions for all individuals interested and committed to pursuing a degree. Our Intra-institutional partnerships enable UCleveland and our partnering universities and colleges to extend a broader selection of concentrations to students and further enhance current course offerings.

What do these partnerships mean for our students?

Given the amount and cost of the numerous resources required for higher education institutions to increase or even maintain program offerings, it is not uncommon for students to pay the bill through increased tuition and annual fees. This is not the case at UCleveland! Our intra-institutional partnerships allow our cirruclum to improve and grow on a consistent basis without the correlating costs to students and even administration that are found at other universities and colleges. In addition to lower Tuition and Fees costs, our students benefit from these partnerships through:

  • Optional weekend courses for enrolled students and community members who have obligations during the traditional school week
  • Thorough academic programs that provide concentrated specialties within a field of study or industry
  • Innovative computer labs and innovative technological resources available on-campus.

Who partners with UCleveland?

Educational Institutions:

UCleveland partnerships increase undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificate programs of the partnering institution.

It is a huge undertaking for institutions to increase program offerings as numerous resources are needed. UCleveland enables their partners to take on this endeavor without the correlating costs.

Characteristics of UCleveland Educational Institution Partners include, but are not limited to:

  • Extending weekend classes for students and community members
  • Programs of narrow scope
  • Desiring computer labs & innovative technological resources on campus
  • Resource enhancements are required for increasing demand of technology-in a cost-effective manner

Community Organizations:

UCleveland partnerships increase community resources, providing foundational courses for individuals to build upon and utilize to become successful within their community. Introducing a high-quality technology based educational facility normally costs an exorbitant amount of resources. However, UCleveland enables their partners to take on this endeavor in a cost-effective method, while still maintaining all of the desired benefits.

Characteristics of UCleveland Community Organization Partners include, but are not limited to:

  • Offer community members educational classes
  • Host UCleveland programs for community members
  • Establish a community computer lab
  • Reinforce positive community perceptions by providing a safe, positive environment

Businesses & Firms:

UCleveland partnerships increase resource availability for any firm. Incorporating an innovative computer lab into an office building allows employees and community members to take advantage of this opportunity in a cost-effective solution. Enhancing available resources to employees leads to amplified capabilities and opportunities. A firm may also choose to include community members in this venture, as provides firms the ability to give back to their community.

Characteristics of UCleveland Business and Firm Partners include, but are not limited to:

  • Increase firm’s affiliations and extend employee resources
  • Host UCleveland programs for community members

How can I partner with UCleveland?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with UCleveland!

Please fill out and submit the following form and a UCleveland Global Partnership Administrator will be in contact with you about partnership options.

Who is UCleveland currently partnered with?

Lady Shri Ram College

Located in New Delhi, India, Lady Shri Ram College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi and is widely recognized as one of the premier institutions for social sciences, humanities liberal arts and commerce education in the country.

Jesus & Mary College

Located in New Delhi, India, Jesus & Mary College is a center for the Non Collegiate Women’s Education Board and the Indira Gandhi National Open University, and is recognized for strong theater and athletic programs. Outside of the classroom, the institution conducts outreach programs to underprivledged children in area neighborhoods and has a rich tradition of working to empower peace and justice for women and the poor.

Janki Devi Memorial College

Located in Delhi, Janki Devi Memorial College was established in 1959 by the famous Gandhian Shri Brij Krishan Chandiwala to upgrade women’s’ education in Indian Society. The college is primarily known for its arts, humanities and commerce programs. The college has enjoyed a phenomenal expansion over the years, and currently has more than 2,000 students from around the country in attendance.