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About University of Cleveland

Since our establishment in 2003, UCleveland has pursued the mission of creating a global community and institution of higher education. We strive to provide career-oriented professional education and to give all qualified students access to educational opportunities, through integrating interactive education, academic theory and real-world application.

  • UCleveland supports an educational model that is focused, self-paced and supported by dedicated and accomplished faculty UCleveland believes in an supports the philosophy of positive synergy as we look to collaborate with other universities around the world, endorsing all methods of communication to foster collaboration - ensuring benefits for all individuals and organizations involved.
  • We consistently support our mission by advancing our technological resources. Due to this, UCleveland is recognized as an industry leader for delivering innovative models of education.
  • UCleveland supports the exploration of our students’ capabilities, interests and strengths in both the educational and professional programs we offer. The university believes in challenging students to advance their current skills, while promoting self-growth and reliance and advocates life-long learning.
  • Our institution is committed to operating ethically, professional and with integrity throughout our methodologies and programs.