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The Journalism and Communications Program at UCleveland

Welcome to the Journalism and Communications Program at UCleveland!

Communications is a burgeoning field, and increasingly influences our major social institutions. The Journalism and Communications Degree program at UCleveland prepares students for a variety of careers by equipping them with a wide array of writing and communication skills. Communications major graduates use their skills and knowledge to acquire positions in sales and marketing, law, healthcare, customer relations, advocacy, management, personnel, counseling, public relations, broadcasting, entrepreneurship and a variety of other fields. Although the career options are numerous, our students receive focused preparation for a variety of careers. Communication studies prepare professionals for a flexible future.

The UCleveland Journalism and Communications Program combines applied, practical knowledge with the art and theory of communication. Our classes engage students, take on real-life communication scenarios, and help to develop valuable communication skills. Leaders in real-world communication industries bring real-world lessons, experience, and context to the journalism and communication degree students.

UCleveland offers degree programs for interested in the growing fields of journalism, public relations and communications, including both Bachelor and Master of Science sequences: