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UCleveland Career Services

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Welcome to the Department of Career Services at UCleveland!

The Department of Career Services is available to students to aid in their professional development. We offer many services, including:

  • Major Help
    Our academic counselors can provide guidance to students who are in the process of selecting or changing their degree program major.
  • Career Placement Tests
    Personality, goals and skills tests are available through our offices to help current and prospective students figure out what major or career field they should be in.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review
    We offer sessions for students to review and revise resumes and cover letters with our seasoned professionals for instant edits and recommendations for the future. These sessions can be hosted privately in a one-on-one setting or in groups of up to 10 students at a time.
  • ePortfolios
    Students can use ePortfolios as a career building tool by compiling and storing their best work and class samples and putting them on display for potential employers. Students can also import cover letters, resumes and professional references to their ePortfolio, creating a virtual online job application. Career Services can assist students with using their existing ePortfolio technology and advise on what should and should not be included.
  • Continuing Education
    UCleveland Career services can assist current students nearing graduation who are considering attending Graduate School and other opportunities to continue their education. Our services can assist this process in many ways, including school recommendations, program research and help compiling admissions information.
  • Job Fairs
    UCleveland hosts numerous local, regional and state-wide companies and organizations each semester for on-campus job fairs. During these events, our students can have one-on-one face time with prospective employers (many of whom are UCleveland alums themselves!), submit resumes and gain information about the job market of their chosen industry.
  • Internship and Job Hunting
    Finding a job is hard. We can help! The Career Services Department can help students tailor job searches to make the most of their time and efforts, recommend services and online resources that they can leverage and alert them of any job openings or internship availabilities that they are informed of through local businesses.
  • Professional Organization Leadership
    Our staff members are available to assist with on-campus organizations for students preparing for their professional careers. Such groups include the Public Relations Student Society of America, Engineering Club, Game Development Club and the American Association of Computer Engineers.
  • UCleveland Mentor Program
    The Career Services Department at UCleveland facilitates a mentoring program for current students to network and reach out to alums for advice and professional development. Read more about our mentor program here.