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Campus Life at UCleveland

Campus Life at UCleveland

The University of Cleveland provides a unique educational experience through the seamless blending of a vibrant on-campus community and an innovative online one. This blended community provides support, feedback and open-communication between students, advisors, professors, faculty and administrative staff.

Accelerated Education

The convenient learning programs at UCleveland allow our students to enter their careers more prepared, more technologically-savvy and more ready to contribute to the workforce. Our students are also ready to embark on or continue careers earlier than their peers.

On-Campus Organizations and Off-Campus Life

During their time at UCleveland, our students have opportunities to enjoy and participate in student organizations, special interest clubs, public service projects, student government initiatives and more. For students who enjoy spending their recreational time off-campus, the city of Cleveland has more than enough opportunities and activities to fill your days!

Online Accessibility

Students pursuing education at UCleveland have a complete campus experience that seamlessly merges with their existing commitments.